DBS AWS Gameday Experience

AWS Day Glimpse

As part of DBS Learning Initative, every step of learning is gamified with continous learning feedback loop.

Giving the employee incentive and approachable goals to reskill in more friendly and revamping the skills to next level.

What is AWS GameDay About ??

GameDay is a simulation exercise that challenges your AWS skills to deploy, maintain, and scale an application in the face of changes and threats from both inside and outside your organization.

Getting started with AWS, GameDay is appropriate for anybody with some AWS experience: Whether you’re an engineer, or a DevOps expert, there’s something for everybody. It’s open-finished, so you can take care of issues in an assortment of ways. You’ll need to discuss well with your group, organize your activities, and execute your arrangements to win the day, and some extraordinary prizes.

Lets Deep Dive into Challenges

We’ll function as a feature of another DevOps group at Unicorn.Rentals, the organization that rules the Legendary Animal Rental Market (LARM). To keep up Unicorn.Rentals’ market predominance, you will assist us with developing and scale our frameworks. You’ll have to oversee unusual component discharges, changes to our microservices engineering, traffic vacillations, new prerequisites, and significantly more. You and your group will gain focuses by keeping your application running, the solicitations streaming, and your clients glad.

Challenge 1 -Getting the Production Back Up and Running

The race to the technological quest began with the task of reviving the production website and fortifying against cyber-attacks. The task was to spin up EC2 Instance and setup website and serve images from another S3 Bucket.

Later we found that we are facing cyberattack on website, we setup security permissions and mitigated the risk.

Challenge 2-Speeding Up Time to Market

Another key technical aspect that folks can easily relate with is building DevOps pipelines to rapidly deliver new features to the market with seamless provisioning and testing functions.

Teams got busy developing the DevOps construct using native AWS tools. This included container migrations to Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). It took hardly any time for them to set up CI/CD pipelines that would test and deploy the code required to run an Amazon ECS task.

When a new commit is made to the repository, the pipeline should get invoked and teams had to build automation to quickly deploy and test the code. This module starts with detecting and fixing the backend API using AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, and then working through the Application Load Balancer to finally use AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, and AWS CodePipeline.

Challenge 3 -Utilizing Analytics as a Newfound Force in Business Kinetics

Such an extensive amount the business insight was covered as a flotsam and jetsam of documents in Amazon S3 that the past association was apathetic to misuse.

Our SMEs did a long distance race to manufacture examination from the monstrous information list utilizing Amazon Athena and thought of a few reviving plans to drive the Unicorn Rentals business. The players were given information in level records put away in a S3 bucket.

Hopefully after these 3 Challenges our team Epitome ended on 3rd Place on Leaderboard

our team even secured 3rd prize and won some exciting prizes

Trophy Time

After toiling around with hours of hardwork and bit of smartwork , finally Team Epitome won. Not bad for a rookie league of Beginners.

Closing Remarks

AWS GameDay is a learning activity intended to all the more likely acclimate players with the AWS condition and challenge them to concoct approaches to take care of issues dependent on the AWS assets they have accessible to them.

The way that GameDay members take is open finished and subsequently offers a chance to find out about AWS best practices, new AWS administrations, and AWS engineering designs in a hazard free condition.




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